Based in Belgium, Casalis is a carpet editor, especialized in custom-made carpets, knotted or tufted hand.

Casalis provides its customers with its experience and know-how, from the design of a carpet to its installation, and accompanies them in the development of patterns, color mixing and choice of materials. Many materials are available such as : silk, mohair, New Zealand wool, merino wool, bamboo ... The mixes of colors are unlimited and the finishes of a great variety: buckles, chiselled velvet, etc. To nourish the imagination of its customers, Casalis offers them a range of carpets based on very contemporary patterns and colors.

Casalis has also used renowned designers to create a collection of comfortable pouffes, made of elastic fibers giving them highly flexible shapes and covered with a system of bonnets to change color according to the desire of the moment. There are also pouffes guaranteed for outdoor use.

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