Sequana was created in 1997 in Paris, to symbolise an entire universe  based around the home.The original synthesis of Celtic and Latin themes finds its parallel in the double culture, Irish and French of its founder Mary Shaw and which has been her inspiration and influence. Mary Shaw interprets and re-interprets the ancient, the classic and the new.

The home of Sequana is one of warmth, comfort, and colour. It is inspirational, a place of serenity and energy, harmony and well-being for relaxed and elegant living.

Colour with its influence, power and magic is at the heart of Sequana. Sequana is a style, unexpected, authentic, elegant, timeless, where tradition meets modernity. Intense palettes of colour and textures, from unexpected alliances, tonalities, and subtilities to audacious contrasts, from which a multitude of atmospheres can be created, reflecting the personality of each and everyone. Sequana is for ever evolving, in tune with the times, and wide open for expression.